Participant Testimonials

Missouri Health Connection is only as strong as its providers ability to deliver quality care. Providing relevant up-do-date documentation is at the core of what we do. Below you will find testimonials from several of our providers. Take a moment and see how Missouri Health Connection is already helping providers just like you. Find out […]

Our Services

Missouri Health Connection offers a range of HIE services designed to integrate more complete patient information into the care delivery of HIE participants.           Click here to register for any of the services above.    

Participant Benefits

Participating in MHC is beneficial for both patients and healthcare team providers—from small, rural clinics to large hospital systems. Specific benefits of the MHC Network at a glance include: Allowing access to a patient’s real-time, clinical data that is enhanced by aggregating the data into a longitudinal patient record Improving the quality of medical decision […]

Why Join MHC?

Why Join Missouri Health Connection? MHC is Missouri’s state-designated entity tasked with creating and managing the infrastructure to connect healthcare providers in Missouri and neighboring states with their patients via a secure health information network. As more health care providers move from paper-based medical records to electronic health record (EHR) systems, MHC is working to […]

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