Participating in MHC is beneficial for both patients and healthcare team providers—from small, rural clinics to large hospital systems.

Specific benefits of the MHC Network at a glance include:

  • Allowing access to a patient’s real-time, clinical data that is enhanced by aggregating the data into a longitudinal patient record Improving the quality of medical decision making and coordination of patient care
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing preventable medical errors and duplication of treatment

Integration of Technology

MHC integrates in EHR systems allowing for quicky, easy access for health care providers. Currently we are integrated into these EHRs:

  • Athena
  • Cerner
  • eCW
  • e-MD
  • Epic
  • Evident
  • GE Centric
  • Greenway
  • Intergy
  • Meditab
  • Meditech
  • NextGen
  • NetSmart

Integrated with other HIE platforms:

  • InterSystems Company
  • Optum
  • Cerner


Valuable Collaborative Relationships

MHC is partnered with the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA)

  • Supports Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI) Advantage
    • For any MHC Participant that is also a member of MHA, MHC will port their ADT (as this data is required by MHA) to HIDI as a benefit included in the annual MHC fee, so Participants don't have to duplicate ADT interfaces.
    • Available through the HIDI Advantage notification portal, participating hospitals will receive alerts regarding emergency department super-utilizers.  The alert is created when a patient arrives in the ED who is at high risk for having 10 or more ED or inpatient stays within a 12-month period.

MHC is partnered with the Missouri Primary Care Association (MPCA) 

  • Through this partnership, MHC provides MPCA and their members with real-time data to be used for their internal analysis.


National Interoperability

MHC's has achieved a national interoperability strategy that ensures our Participants have access to a nationwide network.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Planning & Preparedness (Inter and Intra State)

  • Rapid deployment of onboarding of MHC services for web-based communications
  • Patient Center Data Home (PCDH) supports rapid deployment of IHE to quickly send and receive health information

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • MHC is developing disaster recovery and business continuity resources and infrastructure support
  • Include MHC in Participant disaster recovery and business continuity planning