RFP for Population Health Management and Analytics

This  Request  for  Proposal  (RFP)  describes  need  for  Missouri  Health  Connection  (MHC)  to  procure  a  solution(s) to support the population health management and business analytics functions that MHC can attribute to organizational and financial growth. MHC seeks to acquire a population health and business analytics tool(s) to enhance its service offerings. Adding a population health tool(s) will allow MHC to provide  needed  and  necessary  views  into  patient  health  statuses to  create an  enterprise  view  of the  patients in MHC’s HIE network. MHC needs a business analytics tool(s) to trigger behavior changes that will  drive  efficiencies  and  better  outcomes  in  the  health  care  delivery  system  for  MHC’s  members  (Participants). Parties interested in responding to this RFP should be prepared to address all the requirements in this RFP relative to the direct services provided by such party or vendor (Respondent) and how such services support the goals of this RFP for MHC.


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