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Job Description

The Senior Technology Director for Missouri Health Connection (MHC) will be a senior level technical leader of MHC.  The Senior Technology Director is responsible for the planning, execution and implementation of MHC’s information technology vision, goals and initiatives. Marketing, selling and gaining approval from the MHC Executive Team is crucial to the role. The Senior Technology Director will serve as the lead with MHC’s technology partners and vendors as well as be accountable for implementation support and technical leadership.  The Senior Technology Director for MHC will craft and gain approval for the technology plan by working with all vertical and horizontal components of the business.  The Senior Technology Director position will be responsible in providing outreach and education to potential and existing MHC exchange participants in relation to technical infrastructure.  All software, application and technical contracts, stipulations and covenants and will be derived and negotiated by the Senior Technology Director; gaining approval from the MHC Executive Team. The Senior Technology Director is responsible for obtaining buy-in, commitment and contracts from potential participating organizations. The Senior Technology Director will support efforts by the MHC Executive Team to build the capacity of MHC to serve as a convener/collaborator and provide oversight and accountability functions.

The Senior Technology Director will be responsible for creating and maintaining the one, three and five-year technology plans in accordance with both strategic and tactical guidance from the MHC Executive Team.  The Senior Technology Director will further be responsible for staying abreast and keeping the MHC Executive Team assessed of all technical direction, laws, policies and committee decisions that affect MHC at a national, state or local level.  Impacts must be weighed, tactics and projects changed as per the changing landscape.

The Senior Technology Director will report to the Chief Operating Officer.

Full-Time Position with 25% travel

Position will be located in Columbia, MO.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Execution of this position will include:

IT and Portfolio Management

  • Create and submit an information technology budget
    • Capital, expense and personnel
  • Responsible for all technical hiring and personnel retention
  • Recommendations on compensation, work environments, remote work connectivity
  • Negotiation of application/software/consulting vendor contracts
  • Day-to-day availability of participant access to the network
  • Security infrastructure setup and approval
  • Technical on-boarding and off-boarding of participants
  • Technical policy creating and update (ex. – eHealth Exchange required approved policies)
  • Data Retention policy to meet all applicable laws
  • Lead technical resolution dispute between MHC and participants
  • Research of new laws, directions and policies affecting operations, strategic or tactical plans of MHC
  • Quarterly status reporting of the technology domain to executive management
  • Defining and producing IT measures (productivity, connectivity, access)
  • Defining reporting requirements and analytics; further working with participants to optimize information statistical and analytical exchange to maximize user experience
  • Lead the IT process to align MHC technical initiatives with business priorities while balancing resource constraints (human and fiscal) to optimize HIE IT investments (The IT Portfolio). Collaborate on the annual budget that is integrated into the overall HIE planning and budgeting processes.
  • Handle the selection, acquisition, development, installation, maintenance and support of information technology for the MHC.
  • Manage, in conjunction with other MHC leaders and task forces, the project approval and selection process.
  • Manage MHC’s Technical Service Partner (TSP).
  • Manage MHC IT staff/consultants.
  • Ensure that all initiatives in the HIE IT portfolio have clear business goals and success metrics.
  • Monitor and report on the performance of the HIE IT portfolio including actual vs. expected results, budgets and project duration.
  • Oversee HIE IT relationships between MHC’s resources and external entities (e.g. government, vendors, providers, payers, etc.).

Operations and Technical Support

  • Understand MHC’s application architecture and technical infrastructure and regularly assess the MHC’s IT vision and direction.
  • Monitor the strategy and plans for the technical infrastructure and application architecture for the MHC and execute the plan. The plan shall include standards and protocols for data exchange, communications, software and interconnection of information systems.
  • Development, management and maintenance support of the technical infrastructure required to integrate client data and information requirements into the MHC HIE architecture and network platform and manage the technical infrastructure to meet required specifications.
  • Consult with clients to gather information about program needs, objectives, functions, features, and input and output requirements for MHC services.
  • Analyze, define, and document requirements for data, workflow, logical processes, hardware and operating system environment, interfaces with other systems, internal and external checks and controls, and outputs.
  • Research and evaluate software and hardware to assist in programming or to use as program platforms.
  • Develop and maintain technical specifications and other required documentation necessary to support and evaluate the HIE operations.
  • Monitor performance of programs after implementation.
  • Oversee vendor hosted solutions.  Establish service standards and develop service level commitments in a Service Level Agreement between each vendor partner and the MHC.
  • Establish and maintain a service oriented, customer focused IT function that supports ongoing operations that drive efficiency, quality, customer service and growth.
  • Ensure that MHC IT systems operate according to internal and external standards, and legal requirements.
  • Ensure the protection of MHC IT assets and the integrity, security and privacy of information entrusted to or maintained by the MHC.
  • Develop and maintain a business recovery plan to ensure timely and effective restoration of HIE data and IT services in the event of a disaster.
  • Collaborate in the negotiation of all IT contracts.
  • Complete performance reviews and development plans for IT personnel.
  • Oversee the technical infrastructure and technical operations functions as part of the MHC implementation process.
  • Establish and implement project management processes and methodologies for the program to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Develop and support a strong reporting system within the MHC to support the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Provide advice and counsel concerning HIE IT issues and industry trends.
  • Serve as spokesperson for the MHC throughout the state and communicate to MHC’s stakeholders the plans for continued standardization efforts of information technology (IT) across the MHC. Provide methodologies for working together toward standardization.
  • Develop positive relationships with business and community leaders by understanding business and government IT priorities.
  • Actively participate in an ongoing strategic planning process and share in the development of MHC vision, goals and initiatives.
  • Frequently and effectively communicate the MHC IT vision and plans. Use targeted communications that are appropriate to the various stakeholders. Build excitement around the planned changes and understanding for the selected priorities.

Convener/Collaborator and Oversight/Accountability

  • Participate in state-level activities, as appropriate to align with national standards around technology, data exchange across state lines, privacy and security, Sequoia and other regulatory standards.
  • Participate in state-level activities required to comply with oversight and accountability of MHC.
  • Ensure that technology infrastructure and plans are in compliance with above.

Other duties as assigned.

  • Under the supervision of the COO, perform other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in health care IT and/or leadership. At least 3 years’ experience in health information exchange.
  • Demonstrated experience with health IT systems and IT management at a senior level with a sequence of increasing responsibilities in large and diverse business settings. Familiarity with health care or health care related organizations is expected.
  • Experience with and understanding of strategic and business planning methods, tools, and processes.
  • Prior experience with health information exchange is a plus.
  • Familiarity with the health care industry and health information exchange – its critical issues and major challenges.
  • A track record of working in a geographically diverse complex organization.
  • A track record of leading successful large project implementations.
  • Demonstrated business savvy to work effectively with other Executives to achieve key business goals.
  • Demonstrated strong project management skills.
  • Excellent communicator (written and verbal) with ability to present to small and large groups
  • Proven ability to interact effectively at a variety of levels within an organization

Work Conditions

  • Late or irregular working hours may be required in meeting project deadlines
  • Some travel may be required for the purpose of meeting with clients, stakeholders, or off-site personnel/management

Experience, Education and Certifications

  • (Preferred): PMP or other accredited Project Management certification program management experience, and/or experience managing multiple complex projects / work threads at one time
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems field or equivalent work experience
  • Manager or director of IT for a health care provider or health related industry
  • A Master’s Degree is preferred but not required.


Send cover letter, resume and three references to

Put “Senior Technology Director” in the subject line.


Missouri Health Connection is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to connecting Missouri’s patients and providers through a secure statewide health information network.

Our goals are to:

  • Improve the quality of medical decision-making and the coordination of care;
  • Provide accountability in safeguarding the privacy and security of medical information;
  • Reduce preventable medical errors and avoid duplication of treatment;
  • Improve the public health;
  • Enhance the affordability and value of health care; and,
  • Empower Missourians to take a more active role in their own health care.

Missouri Health Connection is governed by a public-private board of directors featuring physicians, consumer advocacy groups, representatives from state government, legal experts and private health care organizations.

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